10 Celebrity hair-raising haircuts

In the ancient world, hair was seen as a symbol of status and wealth, and played a significant role in shaping civilization.

Today, hair is a powerful expression of identity, and the style you choose says a lot about you.

But just how much would you pay for a haircut? What is a reasonable amount to spend when it comes to hair styling?

We think these celebrities have really pushed the limits and are on their way to stylish squandering!

Here are 10 celebrity hair-raising haircuts:

10. Jennifer Lopez
World-renowned hairstylist Oribe is entrusted with the honour of maintaining these luscious locks, and is the only pair of hands allowed to touch them. J-Lo’s weekly trim costs a meager $400 – and that’s just for a few snips off the ends!

9. Jennifer Aniston
Famed for the iconic Rachel cut, Friends star Jennifer’s hair care needs are taken care of by Hollywood’s “Mane Man”, Chris McMillan. Creator of this low-key layered bob, McMillan charges a mere $600 a haircut, a style that Jennifer maintains no matter the cost.

8. Rihanna
At nearly $2,000 a week, R&B singer Rihanna reportedly requires a week of continuous hair care to achieve her edgy image. With a few snips here and there to maintain a range of ever-changing hairstyles both on- and off-stage, celebrity stylist Ursula Stephen takes full responsibility for this star’s hairstyles.

7. Michael Douglas
It’s the year 1969 and a relative newcomer to Hollywood, 25-year old actor Michael Douglas, lands a role in the movie Hail, Hero!. He’s to play the part of a student who quits school to join the army, with one of the scenes requiring him to cut his mane of hair. The haircut cost $1,000 – which in today’s terms would equal about $6,000.

6. David Beckham
This heartthrob soccer superstar had his iconic blonde locks trimmed as part of his endorsement contract with Brylcreem. Formerly pomade for classically well-groomed gentlemen in the 1920’s, Brylcreem required a modern, more edgy image. The price? $6,000 and Beckham’s rugged mane.

5. Beverley Lateo
When Italian billionaire Beverley Lateo needed her layers seen to, the obvious choice was hairstylist Stuart Phillips of London. This $16,000 haircut included a limousine service, champagne lunch, and a luxurious massage as well as other spa treatments. A bargain, surely?

4. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah

With a net worth of around $20 billion, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei can certainly afford the royal treatment! His trusted barber of 16 years is Ken Modestou of the Dorchester Hotel salon in London. At a cost of $31,000, Modestou is flown first class to Brunei to cut the Sultan’s hair.

3. First Lady Mamie Eisenhower
When the “Mamie Bangs” first made an appearance in the 1950’s there were mixed reactions. Made famous by hair stylist Elizabeth Arden, the cost of this look is unknown. But given Arden’s skills and her client’s social status, it was probably in the region of megabucks!

2. John Paul Dejoria
Hair care guru and co-founder of John Paul Mitchell, John Paul Dejoria had his iconic ponytail snipped off by Leeza Gibbons, a TV personality, for the whopping price of $40,000! The extravagant fee was donated to the International Red Cross for the benefit of the victims of the tsunami in Asia.

1. Anne Hathaway
In the film adaptation of Les Misérables, Anne Hathaway had her trademark mane hacked off to realistically match her character portrayal of destitute Fantine in a scene where she sells her hair for a pittance. Although distraught at the loss of her locks, Hathaway was rewarded with an $8 million paycheck, undoubtedly the most expensive celebrity haircut!