Beard Hair Loss

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Many men struggle with slow or patchy beard growth at times.

For some, this can be a lifelong concern.

Having a full beard is desired by many for the mature, sophisticated and masculine appearance it can impart on the wearer. 

What Solutions Does SRS Have?

The SRS Beard Enhancer is an effective formula specifically designed to target hair growth in this region and to improve hair strength and thickness for fuller facial hair.

The SRS Beard Enhancer’s advanced formula helps to boost nourishment of the hair roots and to help improve the quality, thickness and appearance of facial hair.  It is an ideal support for areas of patchy or poor growth.

As a 100% natural, topical formula, SRS Beard Enhancer is non-synthetic with zero side effects and is non-oily and undetectable when applied.

Our Results

SRS Hair Clinic is here to provide advice on how to protect, nourish and grow your hair to give you a boost of confidence and improve your sense of wellbeing, and we’ve treated thousands of people who have left us with their confidence restored and their lives changed.

Read what our clients have to say about us and see the difference.


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