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Can I still use other hair products while I am using the Healthy Hair Tonic?2019-02-10T12:05:03+13:00

Yes. The Healthy Hair Tonic is made of 100% natural ingredients that exhibit no systemic side-effects and will not react with any other hair products applied to the scalp. The Healthy Hair Tonic is therefore safe to use in conjunction with other products.

However, as many hair products available on the market today typically contain chemical compounds that can often damage the hair and scalp, it is recommended to keep usage of such hair products to a minimum if possible.

Can I use the Healthy Hair Tonic if I have had hair transplants?2020-07-03T14:38:07+12:00

Yes. If you have a genetic predisposition to an imbalance of hormones on the scalp, the newly transplanted hair should, in theory, be more impervious to the effects of these (depending on where they have been sourced on the scalp). However, it is also often the case that these excess hormones will indiscriminately react with the hair follicles and affect the health of your hair. We therefore strongly recommend using Healthy Hair Tonic to maintain both your transplanted and existing hair.

Do I need to continue using Healthy Hair Tonic forever?2020-07-03T14:04:44+12:00

Once you have achieved the results that you desire, maintaining your healthy hair is paramount. It is important to realise that your body continuously produces hormones. If you should continue to use the Healthy Hair Tonic regularly, it will in turn continue to support the healthy hormonal balance of your scalp.

Please note most drug-based products available on the market require life-long use to maintain hair growth and prevent further hair loss.

Unlike many of these other products however, it may be possible for you to gradually decrease the amount and regularity with which you use Healthy Hair Tonic by reducing your usage to a maintenance dose. This will allow you to reduce costs while at the same time maintaining your beautiful hair.

Please note we always advise maintaining healthy lifestyle and hair care habits over the long-term, as certain behaviours/environmental exposures/nutritional or lifestyle choices can continue to exert effects on your hair loss and hair growth over time.

I have an itchy scalp and/or dandruff. Will the Healthy Hair Tonic get rid of this?2020-07-06T15:20:14+12:00

Based on our research and experience with many clients, who have reported the Healthy Hair Tonic helped to calm their scalp itchiness, redness, and overactivity of sebaceous glands, the Healthy Hair Tonic may, to a certain extent, help provide some relief from symptoms of itchiness and dandruff when applied correctly as per instructions.

We often find that after the first three to six months many clients have a visibly clearer scalp (when viewed under the microscope), and many also report less flaking. This is typically because the cause of the itchiness (e.g. overproduction of sebum) has been addressed, and less disturbance of the skin has led to reduced visible dandruff. In other cases however, where the condition may be more advanced (due to a microbial infection for example), it may be more appropriate to seek help from a dermatologist.

Please note any skin conditions affecting the scalp should be treated independently of the hair loss, as the primary function of the Healthy Hair Tonic is to help strengthen and promote hair growth, and any broader benefits it offers for the skin and scalp are not intended to replace any specific treatment for any particular skin condition.

Do I need to use any special shampoos or hair products while I am using Healthy Hair Tonic?2019-02-10T12:05:19+13:00

We recommend either the SRS Balancing Shampoo or the SRS Nourishing Shampoo to support the healing process and to provide a clean and healthy environment for the growth of hair. These excellent products help balance the activity of overactive sebaceous glands and gently moisturise and refresh the scalp and hair to leave your hair feeling silky, smooth and shiny.

Does the Healthy Hair Tonic have any side effects?2019-02-10T12:05:24+13:00

The Healthy Hair Tonic is non-synthetic with zero side effects and is suitable for use by both men, women and children of all hair types.

How long do I have to wait until I get the results of my hair analysis?2019-02-10T12:05:29+13:00

Generally we will discuss your findings with you live during your appointment; however, in case of any special circumstance, all findings and results will be discussed with you within 3 to 5 working days and a solution to solving your problems will be given.

How much does it cost?2019-02-10T12:05:34+13:00

The cost of your hair analysis is $50; this is fully redeemable if you choose to begin treatment at SRS Hair Clinic

How soon will I see results?2020-07-03T14:30:52+12:00

Your results and when they begin to visibly develop will depend on how consistently and regularly you use the Healthy Hair Tonic, and on how advanced your hair problem was prior to commencing treatment. Reversing a process that has typically taken many years (or in some cases, decades) to develop can not be ‘fixed’ overnight or in a few short months, and will require time, patience and consistency to bear good results over the long-term.

Because every body is different, it is not possible for us to quantify your exact results within a set timeframe, as many different factors can have an impact on the final result. However, we can provide an approximate ‘average’ timeframe as reference, based on our experiences with our clients over more than 25 years.

Generally, you should experience a tingling sensation on your scalp during the first two weeks of treatment, after which you should begin to notice significant improvements in how your hair both looks and feels in the following months and over the long-term.

Over time, you’ll achieve a healthy scalp that is free of excess oil and hormones, and after this you will begin to notice and enjoy the visible effects of healthy hair. After the first six to ten months (depending on how advanced your hair condition was prior to starting treatment), your new, rejuvenated hair should make your scalp appear fuller and denser. For more information, please refer to Our Results.

Do you offer a guarantee? What if I change my mind?2020-07-07T13:58:11+12:00

We initially provide you with a thorough, 45-minute microscopic hair analysis consultation to determine the extent of your hair loss, and to ensure you understand the condition and are provided with the relevant information to best tackle your hair loss problem. You are welcome to consider this information first before taking any further steps.

Please make your decision carefully, as hair growth is typically a long-term process, particularly if you have suffered hair loss for an extended period of time. It is important to realise that reversing a process that has typically taken many years (or in some cases, decades) to develop can not be ‘fixed’ overnight or in a few short months, and it will require time, patience and consistency to bear good results over the long-term.

As a 100% natural product, we are very proud of the speed of results the SRS Healthy Hair Tonic provides, and find many of our clients are also very pleased with their progress.

Your results and when they develop will depend on how consistently you apply the Healthy Hair Tonic and making sure to apply it exactly as directed – you are your own best guarantee! Because every body is different, it is not possible for us to quantify exact results within a set timeframe, as many different factors can have an impact on the final result. We can therefore only provide an approximate ‘average’ timeframe of results for reference, based on our experiences with thousands of clients over more than 25 years.

Please be advised that, due to strict hygiene and safety standards, we do not offer change-of-mind refunds or product returns.

What can it tell me about my hair problems?2019-02-10T12:05:43+13:00

With the help of special hair microscopes, we look deep into the whole hair sample to determine whether the hair root is abnormally formed in any way.

This may indicate an overload of toxins, heavy perspiration, the over-activity of glands, or other external disorders such as split, torn, shredded or traumatized hair.

We then analyse the general health of the hair, the state of the hair growth and how advanced any existing problems are.

Special analytical methods help us to make sense of our findings in relation to the individual’s hair problems so we can provide you with optimum solutions.


What if I am using hair loss medication? Can I still use Healthy Hair Tonic without any side effects?2019-02-10T12:05:48+13:00

Yes – but we always recommend that you check with your doctor first if you are unsure. The Healthy Hair Tonic is 100% natural and so should not react with any other medications. You should normally be able to safely use Healthy Hair Tonic without any contraindications.

What is a trichologist and how is SRS Hair Clinic different?2019-02-10T12:05:51+13:00

A trichologist is defined as an individual concerned with the general study of the hair and scalp. This extends to recommending potential hair care tips and ways to promote the health of an individual’s hair.

A trichologist is not necessarily an experienced medical practitioner; they cannot prescribe medications or give a medical diagnosis of the state of a person’s hair and scalp. This means the term ‘trichologist’ can often be very misleading; anyone can claim to be a trichologist with only the most basic of knowledge.

SRS is different

Our training and expertise extends far beyond that of a trichologist’s. We are specialised to accurately diagnose an individual’s specific hair and scalp issues using information we gain from a comprehensive diagnosis of the individual’s hair and scalp.

Every hair specialist at SRS has undergone a thorough, rigorous training programme and this, combined with knowledge and experience gained from the successful treatment of thousands of clients from all over the world, results in SRS being far more advanced in their analysis and treatment of hair loss.

What is SRS Healthy Hair Tonic and how does it work?2019-02-10T12:05:56+13:00

The revolutionary SRS Healthy Hair Tonic is a powerful hair-enhancing formula designed to support healthy hair. Its active ingredients feature 100% natural Himalayan herbs.

Suitable for men, women and children of all hair types, it works to improve the overall quality of your hair as well as acting to clean and clear your scalp.

When applied to the scalp, Healthy Hair Tonic cleans, clears and unblocks hair follicles. Its potent formula works to nourish and rejuvenate the hair roots on your scalp by supporting a healthy hormonal balance on the scalp.

What methods do you use to determine the root of my hair problems?2019-02-10T12:06:02+13:00

SRS Hair Clinic uses the microscopic hair analysis to determine the cause of your hair loss.

Using one microscope, the technician looks deep into the hair sample to see if there is any deformation at the hair root.

The second microscope narrows in on a small section of the scalp to determine the general condition of the hair and scalp, examine the density of the hair growth and check how advanced the problem is.