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Is Hair Loss Normal After Having a Baby?

Postpartum hair loss, classed as ‘telogen effluvium’, is a fairly common phenomenon that is estimated to affect between 40-50% of women after giving birth. As telogen effluvium-type hair loss typically occurs in response to some systemic shock, such as physical injury, sepsis, childbirth or emotional trauma, it is generally [...]

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What Causes Hair Loss During Menopause?

Hair loss is a complex condition, and environmental factors often play a key role alongside genetic predispositions in triggering loss of hair. Mechanisms of hair loss differ in men and women, but both are believed to involve the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in later stages. Fluctuations in hormone levels are understood [...]

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What are the Main Causes of Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a complex condition that is not attributable to one single cause. Frequently, hair loss develops as a result of a combination of genetic predispositions as well as environmental factors. In some instances, medical conditions or certain procedures and medications can also have an impact on the expression [...]

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