At the SRS Hair Clinic we believe in educating our customers as much as possible so that they leave our clinic not only with a solution that really works, but also with a deeper understanding of their hair loss condition. Part of our consultation involves analysing your hair and then discussing our findings with you before we provide you with a treatment plan that best suits you.

Your initial consultation includes a microscopic view of your hair sample to determine if the hair root is deformed in any way. Using a second microscope we are able to narrow in on a small section of the scalp to determine the overall general condition of your hair and scalp as well as hair growth density.

By using both of these microscopes, we are able to identify the likely cause of your hair loss and gauge just how advanced the condition is. Our analysis may also indicate conditions such as an overload of toxins, heavy perspiration, overactive sebaceous glands, and any other external issues like split, torn, shredded or traumatised hair.

Once we determine just how advanced any existing conditions are, we’re able to provide you with the optimum solution. Our 100% natural Healthy Hair Tonic works on all hair types and provides the most effective solution to hair loss.

Talk to an SRS Hair Clinic specialist today and let us find the optimum solution for your hair loss condition.