SRS Secret Formula

We have developed a reputation for excellence and incredible results.

How Our Product is Made

Internationally proven and proudly New Zealand-made, all SRS products are free of animal testing, have no side effects and have been safety tested by third-party laboratories in New Zealand and Germany – worldwide considered to be the ‘gold standard’ in safety testing.

Heavy metals and pesticide test results also confirm the purity of SRS products.

Our Lab

Our custom-built SRS Clinics Laboratory operates according to stringent GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines to ensure a high level of safety, hygiene and quality is maintained. Our products undergo a range of tests, beginning directly from when they first enter our laboratory right through to when they leave.


All raw materials that enter the SRS Clinics Laboratory are first examined and tested according to standard operating procedures to ensure they meet set quality standards in a designated quarantine area.

Quality Assurance

A range of organoleptic tests are performed on all raw materials in the quarantine area. These are then cross-referenced against supplier quality certification information for consistency. Raw materials are only released for use once test results have satisfied all quality standards.

Safety and Purity

Stringent hygiene and safety guidelines are carried out according to GMP protocols to ensure purity of materials throughout all stages of the manufacturing process.

Consumer Safety and Efficacy

Our finished products undergo a range of tests for final certification.

Dermatological Safety Testing

Performed in Germany and undertaken to ensure suitability of our final product for all skin types. This was performed on a range of volunteer test subjects, including normal healthy individuals, people with eczema, people with allergies and people with sensitive skin. SRS products were awarded the highest standard of safety available as regards the possibility of skin irritation.

Other Testing

  • Microbiological preservative challenge test
  • Specific gravity
  • Density
  • pH test (to conform within a set range, best suited to match the body’s natural skin pH)
  • Glucose test
  • Water activity (AW value)
  • Heavy metal test (performed by a NZ laboratory)

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