If you’ve recently visited the SRS Hair Clinic, you may have seen two clear plastic dump bins located in our reception area.

There is a story behind these. Our clients often ask us what they should do with other products they’ve tried but had little or no result from. And, once they try our 100% natural Healthy Hair Tonic, they simply don’t want to go back to using anything else on their hair.

So we introduced a dump bin, a handy place for our customers to dispose of their used and non-effective hair loss products. We placed it in our reception area and it filled up so quickly that we added a second dump bin. We also offered every client who disposed of used hair products in the dump bin $50 credit.

It’s proven an extremely effective means of disposal, and the feedback from our customers has been incredibly positive. Most have commented on how encouraging it is to know they are not alone and that others have also tried and failed to find a hair loss solution using those same products.

The next time you visit the SRS Hair Clinic, look out for our dump bin. You’ll be amazed at the range of products on the market that simply don’t work.

Talk to an SRS Hair Clinic specialist today to find out more about a hair loss solution tailored to your specific needs – one that really works.